The design world is often very hostile towards the font, Comic Sans MS, originally created for Microsoft to use in their office applications. Generally the thinking is that fonts have very specific purposes and carry different meanings. Comic Sans could be described as round,  having soft-edges, child-like and generally happy looking.  The hostility towards this font arises when it is used in the professional and corporate world, where a more serious font would be appropriate. Obviously, a lot of this is subjective. Generally, I agree that Comic Sans has no place in the professional design world. There are hundreds of fonts that are more appealing and effective. Despite the disdain for this font it is still often used in many inappropriate places. See Ban Comic Sans. In response to this, a small and passionate group of people have begun a sort of campaign to ends it’s use.  While perusing my papers on the internet I came across this comical site, Criminal Comic Sans. The site is well designed and very informative in regards to the use of Comic Sans. CriminalComicSans