Alfred 2 came out yesterday, exciting release for keyboard users. However, in a very odd decision, the developers didn’t include a way to move scripts and extensions over to the new 2.0 version. They suggest that each one of these should be manually recreated in the new version. They need a human touch apparently.
Extensions from v1 can’t be directly imported into v2. As Alfred v2′s workflows are so much more flexible than Alfred v1′s extensions, and every extension has been created differently, these require human intelligence to make the most of the workflows. Having said that, many v1 extensions have already been migrated to v2 by their respective developers, so check their website for more information.
Read the full v2 primer blog post. Ive started the process. It’s not fun nor do I think this is a good way to treat your customers. If I had known before hand, that I would need to manually recreate and setup the 14 extensions and 4 hotkeys I use daily, I might have at least given the app some time to work out the kinks after its release. It also does not allow you to import your previous usage date. Not a big deal, but I did really enjoy seeing how much I use the app. My Alfred Stats
Since Jul 1, 2012, @alfredapp has been used 7,660 times. Average 29.7 times per day TL;DR – Great app, could have used another 30 days to tighten up the transfer process for existing customers. Alfred2