Did the Oscars sneak up on you this year?  The majority of Americans didn’t have $13 to spend on every “3-D Adventure” that came down the Hollywood poop-shoot.  According to the-numbers.com, annual ticket sales have dropped nationwide, but their revenue is on the rise.  With only so much disposable income for movie tickets, most of us are building our Netflix waiting list.  But if you took a date to every film nominated for a major award, congrats! You spent over $350…  The rest of us will just use the Academy Awards as an excuse to drink on a Sunday.

Hit the jump for:  5 Oscar Trivia Questions You Haven’t Heard.

1.  [True or False] The statue is solid gold.

FALSE – it’s made from an alloy called Britannia:  93% tin, 5% antimony, and 2% copper… Then plated with gold.

2.  How much is the statue worth?

One dollar ($1.00), but you wont see it on eBay.  Every winner has to sign an agreement not to sell the award without first offering to sell it back to the Academy for $1.  If you don’t sign, they take it away when you walk off stage.

3.  How many people have turned down the award?

3 – Most notably Marlon Brando, who won Best Actor for his role in The Godfather.  Instead, he sent an American Indian Rights activist in full Apache dress to reject the award and protest Hollywood’s depiction of Native Americans.

4.  Who has won the greatest total number of Oscar Awards?

Walt Disney.  He received 22 awards and was nominated 59 times.

5.  In 1974, what award did Robert Opel receive?

A night in jail.  Opel hid backstage posing as a journalist and ran down the middle of the stage completely naked flashing a peace sign.