I’m a huge baseball fan and more so an Astros fan.  Living in the DC area makes it difficult to make it to their games. So when the Expos were sold to Washington and changed to the Nationals I was thrilled. We were getting a local National League team and with that the Astros would now have an annual three or four games series near my home. Ive gone to at least one Astros game here in Washington since the Expos moved.  I would go regardless of their performance and I think many Astros fan’s would do the same regardless of the economies condition.  The infographic below illustrates how fans in different markets change their support for a team with the changing economy. I think it really illustrates how some teams are really under appreciated,  almost to the point of being insulting that a city would even have a team.  See Atlanta and Tampa Bay. View full size image Via http://interactiondesign.sva.edu/images/projects/Die-Hard-Index_big.png